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Are you Too Stressed and Need Relief?

Want more Peace and Ease in your Daily Life?

Too Busy to think about What You REALLY Want? 

Need Support in Pursuing your Wildest Dreams? 

Welcome to Smartypants Happiness!

Smartypants Happiness is a forum which provides the tools needed to live with less stress, more joy, and a deeper sense of contentment despite life's difficulties.  

Come to one of our Workshops!

In a fun, supportive environment, you will learn and practice stress-reduction techniques and mindfulness. As you develop mindful self-awareness, you will discover your own unique life purpose and begin to use your

own special gifts and talents in living that purpose. 

Our programs are designed to inspire creativity and a renewed sense of purpose with mindfulness at the core.

Try Private Coaching!

We also provide private coaching for personalized support as you de-stress and move forward in your life. Coaching accelerates your growth as you gain clarity, create goals, and take action to achieve them, all within a supportive, trusting partnership.

​​​By the way, why "Smartypants?" 

We believe that each one of us has our own special inner "Smartypants" nature.  It's the deepest all-knowing part of ourselves... and it knows exactly what we need and what's best for us.  If we're still, and quiet, and open...we'll know what to do and how to do it.

Life can be very stressful at times and we all need some techniques to help relieve that stress and develop a deeper sense of contentment.  

Please join us for this inspirational workshop series.
There will be meditation exercises, group activities, and a whole lot of fun!  

             Learn to:

            -   Become Less Stressed
            -   Develop Mindful Awareness
            -   Tackle that Pesky Inner Critic

            -   Nurture Your Own Unique Gifts and Talents
            -   Live with Purpose   


Margaret Lorenz is a former engineer turned voice actor, professional coach, and happiness enthusiast!  After spending over thirteen years in the telecommunications industry in a variety of positions, from designing data networks to sales management, Margaret left to follow her dreams.

Using an analytical approach, as well as her intuition and creativity, Margaret charted out a new path for herself. By facing her fears and taking risks, she made her dreams come true, and in the process discovered that we all have the power to create true joy and happiness in our lives. Her passion is to inspire people to de-stress and get happy!

Margaret completed her coach training at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and specializes in the Co-Active Coaching model which emphasizes the collaborative and active participation of both the coach and client.

Margaret has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She also has a strong acting background and loves connecting with an audience.  ​She studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and also studied improvisation, stand-up, voice-over, and on-camera in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Margaret is a member of SAG-AFTRA. 

Margaret’s extensive list of over 150 voice-over clients includes: 

        Apple                      Macy's                       Hewlett Packard         Starbucks                         Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts 
        Microsoft                The Gap                    Comcast                     First Republic Bank          Campbell's
        Yahoo!                    Banana Republic       Siemens                     Wells Fargo                      Grocery Outlet
        McDonald’s             Levi's                         Lexus                         Walgreens                        Liberty Mutual
        Jamba Juice           Saks 5th Ave              Toyota                        Hagen Daz                       Sunkist

To learn more about Margaret's voice-over work, please click here:​ 



LESS Stress, MORE Joy,

Living Your Dreams!


“The questions and topics that were discussed opened my mind to the endless possibilities in life. Thank you!” 

                        Arlene, San Francisco

“Margaret’s comprehensive seminar left me with insights and tips that will travel with me through my life.”     

                       Tracy, Los Angeles

“Inspirational and entertaining speech, great humor.”

                       Anonymous, Los Angeles

Our next Workshop Series is:

Tools for

Reducing Stress and Creating Joy!

(Schedule coming soon.)

Webinars, Workshops, Coaching, and Speaking Services 

to support and inspire you in creating LESS STRESS and MORE JOY in your life.

Our passion is to support you in Living a Wonderful Life.

“I felt and knew the minute I met Margaret that this would be a great workshop.  Her warmth, humor, and open vulnerability helped me to feel both inspired and relaxed.”

                        Simone, San Francisco

“I LOVED YOUR SPEECH!!!!  You motivated me BIG time!”

                        Rhea, Los Angeles

“I am leaving with a smile on my face. Thanks Margaret!”

                       Anonymous, Los Angeles


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